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This church is affiliated to the Spiritualists' National Union which is the U.K's leading Spiritualist body.

There is no creed nor hard and fast dogmas but we are guided by seven principles.
Together they represent a way of life which if followed by us all, would transform our world into a place of great harmony;
without prejudices, wars, national or religious rivalries. We are perhaps best known for our belief in the continuous existence
of the human soul and this can be proved by communication between ourselves in the physical body and those who have
passed over into the next life.

In part of our services and in our evenings of clairvoyance we seek to demonstrate this communication with the aid of mediums who have developed the
skills necessary to make the link with the spirit world.
Mediums do not "call up the dead" as there are no dead but living spirits who come of their own free will to bring us joy and comfort and give us guidance when necessary.

At the beginning of each service we devote a little time to thought and prayer for those in need of Healing. We place great store in the benefits of
spiritual healing which we regard as complementary to the work of the medical profession. Our registered trained healers are available at our healing
service on Wednesday evenings.

In many ways our services are similar in form to other religions, there are prayers, hymns, readings, addresses and a freewill offering.
If you wish to learn more of our teachings and philosophy please ask.
We will be delighted to help.

Spiritualism is a religion of love, with the wonderful message that life is eternal and we will one day be reunited with our loved ones.

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